Operator Assistance Network Foundit TWK Mofee

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On my recent (3/20/2011) Verizon bill, I was charged $39.95 by this group! I had not authorized any service from this outfit and knew nothing about them until I got the bill.

I called the OAN and after a long hold got a message in a faked "I'm sick voice" that said, "Apparently our whole office got struck at the same time with this flu bug. We are here and will get back to you. Please leave a name and number." Right!

I called Verizon and had the charges backed off my bill--no problem--and on the recommendation from others on this site, had Verizon place a "Cramming Block" on the account. Apparently Verizon cannot guarantee that this block will be 100% efective...Why?

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Monetary Loss: $39.

Unauthorized charges from Operator Assistance Network

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A company called Operator Assistance Network, at 1-800-944-9646, billed me via my Verizon account for $14.95, to be paid each month, for a ridiculous service that nobody would want even if it was free. When I called them to complain, they emailed me a forged application form that included my name, address and date of birth.

They used identity theft to 'legalize' signing me up for this fraudulent scheme, hoping that I will not check my Verizon account.

Verizon removed the charge from my bill after I called them. Operator Assistance Network is a wire fraud operation that should not be allowed to bill customers via the customers' phone company bills.

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Operator Assistance Network - Operator Asst Network Slammed US for $1K

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Verizon FIOS has been keeping up monthly billing of Operator Assist Network for Business listing on a website which has no business value and no traffic I'd expect. They have continued to bill us for 2 years I think for $0.75 a month, despite our telling them to stop at least twice.

My praents are elderly and may have agreed to something of which they were not fully aware and have been dutifully paying the $0 a month. That comes to $1000 or so for 2 years.

This review is about the slamming law too. This law pays 100% of slamming charges to the phone company and only 50% refund to consumer.

Thus the phone company gets free money any time a slammer gets caught. This is a huge incentive to continue providing access to scammers because when they get caught the phone company benefits. The stuck consumer only gets 50% back.

Way to stick it to the consumer alright. Evil...

Review about: Business Direct List Monthly Fee.



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Operator Assistance Network - Slammed charges

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments

Received my Verizon phone bill in February with $14.95 charge for "Voicemail Monthly Fee" from OAN (Operator Assistance Network). This is absolutely a slam - I called them same day to complain that these w4ere unauthorized charges and demand a refund and cancellation.

I was told I would receive a credit, they even gave me a confirmation number.

Of course though, its now been over three months and I've received no credit. Everyone should do what I did then - call your phone carrier and put a block on the account so that no changes can be made unless initiated by you.

Review about: Voicemail Monthly Fee.

Monetary Loss: $14.

Operator Assistance Network (OAN) - Sleazebag Slammers

Washington, District Of Columbia 10 comments

A word to the wise: check your phone bills carefully to make certain you are not getting 'slammed' by the absolute sleazebag company known as Operator Assistance Network (OAN).

My November phone bill from Verizon was the second time in six months I had a totally bogus charge from OAN passed along to me. The first time it was $7.00 for "directory assistance"; this time it was $14.95 for "voicemail service".

In neither case did we ask for or use these services. In both cases I informed Verizon I did not intend to pay this bogus charge, and Verizon was actually fine with that. I also filed on-line complaints with both the Federal Communication Commission and Federal Trade Commission to report OAN (and I actually got a follow-up from the FTC and from OAN).

OAN will remove the charge if you call them are firmly tell them you have no intent, eve, of paying. I would also suggest you arrange with your phone service provider (Verizon in my case) for a "third party bill block". This means that your provider will not accept and pass along on your bill charges from any outside company such as OAN. It may take a few minutes of your time when you call your phone company to do this, but just not to have the aggravation of bogus charges from the likes of OAN it is well worth it.

OAN is without a doubt the sleaziest bunch of scumbags it has ever been my misfortune to run across. Check your phone bills, dispute any such charges, and file reports with the FCC and FTC.



OAN has a toll free number listed on the local LEC billing.....CALL THEM 400 or 500 times and leave your phone off the hook...run up their Toll Free usage...PAY BACK


I work for a small business that has a phone bill through Verizon and we are enrolled in the Direct payment system. Upon closely reviewing our phone bill, we found out that OAN has been charging up an extra $50 dollars a month for almost a year.

Our account was credited $576.95 and Verizon put a third party block on our account. I am now trying to reach this company with no success to get a confirmation #.

THEY ARE CROOKS. If anyone ever calls you asking to confirm your business name for something do not answer them.


just found out ive been charged since jan.it is now oct.how come ive never seen this hidden charge.alls verizon said was to watch out what you click on the internet.i called oan it sounded like a french girl on the phone i was very mad and she knew it.said she was going to put a block on this and credit me 71.00 dollars.we will see.now i have to work on the next one got charged for diet pills i weigh 140 lbs do ya think i need diet pills.is this what this country is coming to nothin but ripoffs.


Same thing happened to me. I called Verizon, they removed the charges and placed a block on my bill.


I Just found a charge for OAN on my CenturyLink bill. I called them and they told me I had signed up using an email address that I do not have. They canceled my account, but told me I had to pay the $15.70 bill as it had already been billed to my phone company.

Then I called Century Link and put a third party bill block on my account so that should take care of it for now, but nonetheless I have been cheated out of $15.70.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #114360

I was billed for 14.95 for voice mail monthly fee for december and january and now on my February bill. I called verizon and they stopped it. I don't know how I got it.


Yeah, we were slammed with the same thing, and another charge on the same bill from some other sleazy organization (probably one and the same, with a different name).

I have blocked all third-party charges, but now I wonder if they're giving out my phone and address to every other mailing list under the sun.


Steven and Lana have nailed. What a bunch of *** crooks.

I was reviewing my Verizon bill and found this OAN charge and another one. When you call you are in a que for (you are caller 32) and three times when I got down to single digit numbers, they drop the connection.

As soon as Verizon's billing office opens up, I will be putting a 3rd party billing block on MY account. :(


OAN charged me $14.95 for "ODYSSEY STREAMING MONTHLY FEE" I never asked for nor authorized this service.

I called the number given on my telephone bill (1-800-441-9678) twice in one hour and told them I will never pay this bill, I am filing complaints with the FCC, FTC, BBB, my state's attorney general, and I will tell my phone service company to place a 3rd party bill block on my phone service.

Will update status in future.



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